Friday, June 28, 2013

Family Fun Friday ~ June 28, 2013

I was trying to find something fun for a playdate this week, so off to Pinterest I went.  I was scrolling through my Little Man board and found this idea.  I'd pinned it forever ago, but never actually did it (as with most things, it seems).  It was the perfect idea for a playdate!  

I went to Target and grabbed a giant bottle of bubbles for $2.99.  I already had a box of food coloring that I bought at Walmart awhile back.  I found that the liquid food coloring works better than the gel stuff.  I also already had some paper bowls on hand, so that part was easy.

First the boys had some fun blowing bubbles at each other.  Then they tried to start catching them.  That turned into a bubble war.  Boys will be boys...

The actual project was super easy.  I poured a little bubble liquid into each bowl and added some drops of food coloring.  It took about 10 drops for each color.  The boys dipped their bubble wands and blew away!  As soon as the bubble popped on the paper, it left a perfect little firework shape!  

Unfortunately, the picture of their final products won't upload.  :(  They were cute though!  We ended the playdate with popsicles to cool off on that hot afternoon!  They liked this playdate enough that we will be having an encore on our next family night!

Happy playing!

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