Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Hi friends!  It's been a million years... or at least it feels like it.  Life has been an absolute whirlwind lately.  With the new year and some changes in our family, we've made some big changes in our lives as well.

I was watching a segment on some news show a few weeks ago.  The guest speaker was challenging everyone in the audience to come up with a word that would be their focus for the year.  In my head, I saw this as a way of replacing the resolutions that I make every year, but never keep.  After some thinking, I chose the word "grow."

I want to grow in my relationship with my husband.  We are still newly married, and I want to see us grow into our roles as husband and wife.

I want the time I am able to spend at home with my son to grow.  I want to use that time to help him grow as a learner, grow in curiosity, grow as a reader, and grow into a young man.

I want my family to grow.  Because of the nature of our relationship and lives, we decided we wanted another child almost as soon as we were married.  Hopefully that happens soon for us!

I want to grow in the friendships I have.  I sometimes get so bogged down in "life" that I forget to enjoy the relationships around me.

I want to grow as a mom.  I want to give it everything I have and enjoy every moment of it.  Children grow up way too quickly.

So with that being said... stay tuned for some new posts as we start this new chapter in our lives!
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