Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What We're Reading Wednesday ~ July 17, 2013

Little Man and I joined Reading Confetti's Virtual Book Club.   This is the neatest idea and I really hope it continues beyond August.  Each month, they focus on an author.  Everyone reads a book (or multiple books) by the featured author and posts their corresponding activities.  Super fun!

This month's author was Jez Alborough.  Just by the name alone, I didn't recognize him.  However, once I looked at the book titles, I realized that I've actually read many of them!  His Duck books were read many times in my Pre-K classroom.

So, off to the library we went.  We checked out several books, including Tall and Duck in the Truck.  However, for our activity, we chose to coordinate with the book Hug.  While there aren't many words (there are actually only three in the whole book), it was fun for Little Man.

With this book, we did several things.  Because the words in the book were so short, I wanted to do something with the letters.  I made a "word work" center of sorts.  The teacher in me definitely came out with this activity!

First, we played letter slap.  We did this two ways.  First, I just called out the letter and he slapped it.  Then I called out the sound and he slapped those letters.  

Then we sorted by color.

Added in a little one-to-one correspondence...

Did some counting ...

Mixed in a little gross motor as he handed me certain letters ....

And finally worked on putting some sounds together to make simple words.

It was an all-around good time!

Happy reading!

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