Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What We Read Wednesday ~ July 3, 2013

My Little Man just finished his first soccer season.  It was interesting... to say the least.  He said he didn't like trying to get the ball.  There were too many people around it.  That sounds like something I'd say.

One of our favorite characters is Froggy.  Who doesn't love a frog who is almost as mischievous as Curious George?!  In honor of his first soccer season, we thought we'd take a quick peek into Froggy's soccer fun!

The Froggy series is super cute!  It's definitely one of our favorites!  In addition to Froggy's soccer antics, he has lots of other summer adventures.  These are regulars during our summer reading.

Froggy has fun all year round!  Happy reading!

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