Friday, July 5, 2013

Family Fun Friday ~ July 5, 2013

So... we do family bonding a little differently in this house.  The Mister was begging asking very nicely to set up an archery target in the backyard.  This Mommy was scared to death a little nervous.  But... we tried it.  I made The Mister promise to let me watch him try it the first time.  I needed to make sure that no arrows would go flying over the fence he was as good as he said he was.  After watching him a few times, I've decided it's fine.  So how did we spend some quality time together this week?  We shot arrows!  If you'd never tried it, I must say it's fun.  It's definitely a stress relief.  So here are a few pictures of our week of archery.  

I should mention that I'm not in a single one of these pictures.  I went last.  I didn't want to be embarrassed hurt anyone's feelings by being so awesome.  I will say ... the girls took it.  We *may* have beat the men.  But it was just by a little.  Ha!  ;)

Happy Friday!

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