Friday, October 12, 2012

Family Friday ~ Fall Bucket List

If you're on Pinterest, I know you've seen that adorable fall bucket list.  

I know ... stinkin' adorable, right?  

I, unfortunately, am not that creative.  I did, however, try to start a bucket list of sorts in Excel.  Fall means different things to different families.  As many of us live on a fixed income, we can't always do *everything* we want.  So, how do you make sure your families experience the most of each season?  

I'm really enjoying the idea of seasonal bucket lists.  Over the years, I hope to find certain traditions that are our own... certain things that just "make" a season.  Whether it be certain foods, certain activities, certain decorations ... whatever it is.  

Here is our bucket list.  It's not as cute.  It's not set up on a display table.  But it's ours.  Next year, I hope to personalize it even more.  Stay tuned ...

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