Monday, October 8, 2012

A Halloween Yarn Wreath

Forgive me.  I am not a photographer.  I am also not very crafty.  My mom and my sister ... incredible.  Me ... I got skipped.  However, I can copy Pinterest crafts.  Recently, I've started to love the look of yarn wreaths.  This was my first attempt at a complete wreath.  I did start one several months ago, but then I ended up tossing it and using the wreath form to make a diaper wreath for a baby shower.  

My inspiration comes from a pin of this wreath.  Overall, I'm pleased with the way it turned out.  I am a huge fan of plum.  The Boyfriend refuses to let me "plum up" our entire future house.  I'll settle for a wreath or an accent here or there.  And plum is a good fall color, right?  

Here's what I used... 
one wreath form (I wished I would have used round instead of square)
one sheet of yellow felt
one sheet of black felt
one ream of plum yarn (Is ream the right word?)

Thoughts for next time ...
I tried to make the yarn wrap too "perfectly" around the wreath form.  Next time, I won't worry so much about it.  I ended up having more trouble with it than it was worth.  In the end, I liked the more casual look.  I would also use a thicker, better-quality felt.  Those little sheets are fun, but not for this.  They are too flimsy and slightly see-through.  Last, I forgot to add the eyes on the bat.  It's not crucial, but it's something I realized a little too late.

A question for you...
Do you have any fun ideas for a Thanksgiving wreath?

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